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Agenda 2020


Island New Democrats believe in the strength of social democracy to build a fair society … one where there is income security for all, stewardship of the environment and resources, dignity of labour, universal public health and education, diversity and inclusion, active citizenship and self-determination. We stand for equality, collective welfare, wealth-sharing and robust government action to restrain the predations of the market.

Island New Democrats have been and will continue to work as The Voice of Fairness on PEI, with NDP PEI members active working members in social justice groups across the Island.

Agenda 2020 outlines the possibilities of a Fair PEI, one where the PEI Government works for the many not the few.

Income Security

NDP PEI is committed to closing the poverty gap to give ordinary people the opportunity for a decent standard of living, immediately, with a Minimum Wage of at least $15 and adequate social-assistance rates, and will move to develop a Basic Income Guarantee.


NDP PEI is committed to making decent, accessible and affordable housing available throughout the Island, so that everyone can have a home which is appropriate to their circumstances.

Health and Well-Being

Make essential services accessible from tip to tip. Islanders have the right services in a reasonable time, delivered with skill and quality, publicly managed in an open and accountable manner. Be guided by the concept of health determinants, rather than clinical treatment alone.


Bring back and enhance the traditional role of the community as having a key responsibility for shaping and managing the education system, and ensure equal educational opportunity among all young people across the Island.

The Green New Deal

There is no excuse for ignoring climate change. PEI’s very existence depends on immediate actions to curb the destructiveness of human-caused greenhouse gasses.

Agriculture and Fisheries

Keep our primary industries strong, supporting farmers and fishers as they adapt to the developing opportunities in markets here and abroad … while safeguarding PEI’s heritage of lands and waters.