There is no reasoning for what transpired in Nova Scotia in the morning of April 19. Yesterday we lost 16 innocent people (to date) to a senseless, random act of violence. It goes without saying that all Islanders’ thoughts are with the people directly affected, and all Nova Scotians.

The community members involved came from all walks of life. Heather O’Brien, a nurse and grand mother, Lisa Mccully, a teacher and mother, and RCMP officer Constable Heidi Stevenson, a 23 year veteran and mother of two. As information continues to evolve we will learn of other names that meant so much to the community of Portapique and its surrounding.

This tragedy, the deadliest in Canadian history, will be a heavy loss for years to come. The names of those people lost will not be forgotten. As names become available, we’ll update this article in their remembrance.

Those lost

• Dawn Madsen
• Frank Gulenchyn
• Joey Webber
• Gina Goulet
• Corrie Ellison
• Heather O’Brien
• Kristen Beaton
• Emily Tuck
• Jolene Oliver
• Aaron Tuck
• Jamie Blair
• Greg Blair
• Sean McLeod
• Alanna Jenkins
• Tom Bagley
• Const. Heidi Stevenson
• Lisa McCully
• Peter Bond
• Joy Bond
• Lillian Campbell Hyslop
• Elizabeth Joanne Thomas
• John Zahl