Sept 20, 2019 – NDP will implement a Basic Income Guarantee – New Democrats are calling for a basic income project to benefit Island residents. “We want to ensure that all Islanders can participate in their community,” said Lynne Thiele NDP Candidate for Cardigan. “Having a basic income program is a priority for our campaign.” New Democrats have committed to work with provinces to launch a national basic income pilot project, in order to gather data about the approach to tackling income uncertainty.  “The costs of living are rising, affordable housing has been in crisis, people can’t afford their groceries and medications. That’s why we are committed bringing in Basic Income Guarantee,” said Thiele. New Democrats will also implement a national, public, universal child care program. This is critical for lifting women and their families out of poverty and is an important way to give all kids a good start in early learning. The NDP plan to implement a Basic Income Project upon forming government, unlike other parties that have committed to implementing some form of the program in 2050.