• The Guardian (Charlottetown)9 Jul 2019

I am very happy to hear that midwives will be licensed to practice on P.E.I. in the near future. Congratulations to all who advocated for this and to the government for moving forward with this safe and personal health care to expectant mothers.

It was alarming to hear Mr. Aylward (P.E.I.’s minister of health and wellness) say there could be a cost to all who want a midwife. Health care in Canada is meant to be free to all. By putting a fee on any care being accessed by anyone in this country goes against the Canada Health Act. It deprives the most vulnerable to access the health care they need.

Midwifery services will save the health care system many dollars. Having Midwives available to care for expectant mothers and the delivery of their baby will reduce wait times for other patients waiting to see a physician.

I would hope the government would see that they will add to the savings in the health care budget by employing midwives and not add a user fee to this important part of women’s health care.

Leah-Jane Hayward is president of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island