This morning we woke to the tragic news that Josh Underhay, Green Party candidate in District 9, passed away with his oldest son.
My wife Rosa and I are thinking of his family and loved ones during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
Josh was committed to working for positive change in his community and was a passionate and dedicated teacher at Birchwood School in the heart of District 12.
I have known Josh for many years, mostly as a musician and also as a teacher. He was very passionate about civic engagement and he recently invited me to speak to his grade nine class about our party.
His life has touched so many in our community, and he will be deeply missed.
Politics at a time like this seems so trivial and yet here we are at a time when we are mourning the loss of these two wonderful people at the end of a campaign.
Words are so often insufficient to express the depth of sadness when we see the hope and promise of two lives dedicated to transforming our world cut short so suddenly.
So please let us take solace in the relationships around us that give us strength, love and passion for ourselves and for our commitment to make the world a better place.