Joe Byrne’s Green New Deal will bring 9700 jobs for Islanders.

NDP PEI Leader Joe Byrne announced a Green New Deal, adding 9700 jobs to the PEI economy over 5 years.

“It is no longer a question about if we believe there is a Climate Crisis, it is whether we are ready to take action and the NDP believes in this plan.” Said Byrne at an announcement at the District 12 Campaign Office in Charlottetown. “The truth is, we have at maximum 15 years to respond, which is why the NDP PEI will move our economy to zero carbon pollution within 15 years by investing in public transit, retrofitting and green energy sources.”

Using the needed significant public investment, the NDP PEI will follow the recommendations created by the Green Economy Network which lays out a plan to rapidly transition the PEI economy and create over 9700 jobs over 5 years.

“We cannot ask the people to take on the climate crisis if their families are going hungry by living in poverty, the two must come together. By investing in good paying green jobs, we can tackle the coming crisis and lift all Islanders.” Said Byrne.

Joe Byrne promised that NDP MLAs will fight to:

  • A 100% conversion to non-toxic renewable energy generation within 15yrs.
  • Develop a rebate system, progressive like income tax, to compensate low-income people for the extra costs they incur from carbon-pricing.
  • Ensure public investment in measures to replace carbon-producing activities (power generation, heating/cooling of buildings, etc.)
  • Support innovation in sustainable engineering and architecture.
  • Cultivate geothermal energy, heat pumps and next-generation technology.
  • Modernizing building codes; making them keep up with developing technology.
  • A clear plan to increase retrofits for existing buildings (private and public), by enhancing, for example, the Home Insulation Rebates program to make it more useable for more low-income households.
  • Increased incentives to encourage people to purchase electric or other low-pollution vehicles.
  • The increase of electric powered public transit and access to consistent transit between Charlottetown and Summerside.
  • Publicly led development of Island-wide charging stations for electric vehicles.

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